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Oh, how easy it is to be a little worm digging through the dirt! Or is it actually that simple? Play our amazing worm games, where you can fight for dominance with other online players and become the biggest worm around.

What are worm games?

Online worm games are all games where the player can control or play as a worm. Usually, the gameplay of worm games is similar to classic snake games - the worm has to slide around and collect food to get bigger, and the goal is to get a high score, as in most online arcade games. But worm games are not limited only to that! In this category, you can find all sorts of games, as long as there are worms. If you want to check out other character games, we have a lot of free animal games. We can recommend our fun frog games for a great start!

Worm io games

First, let's establish what is an io game - it is a game that is played in a web browser and where the gameplay is in an "arena" with other online players. Worm io games are multiplayer games, usually about fighting other players for food or territory. In some games, as the worms grow bigger, they can eat the smaller ones, so watch out! Play any of our worm io games and fight for the highest score and the title for the biggest worm. If you want to beat the records in more games, check out our high score games category.

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