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Hop in these awesome games about frogs! These cute little animals have a lot of stories to share and adventures to experience, so choose one of the frog games and join the fun!

What are frog games?

Online frog games are all the games that are with frogs - jumping, running, ribbiting, or just sitting on waterlilies! In this category, you can find fun puzzle games or cool arcade games where you can go on adventures with a little froggy. No matter the gameplay, you can be sure of one thing - these games will be full of cute frogs! For some more games with animals, see our huge selection of free animal games. There you will find games with cats, dogs, penguins, and even fish games. Discover them all!

Frog jump games

What are frogs best known for? Jumping of course! Those frog legs are perfectly made for tall hops, so use those in frog jumping games. Help the frog reach safety by guiding it and avoiding obstacles. Hop over dangerous objects and think fast to make it to the finish! If you love hopping in online games, check out our other fun jumping games but for more speed, we can recommend online running games!

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