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You are in the middle of the ocean and see a shark fin circling around you, what do you do? Fear no longer, as in our awesome shark games you can be the shark instead! Hop in the water and discover the world from a shark's point of view.

What are online sharks games?

Shark games are part of our online animal games collection, and are all about sharks of course! Swim in the ocean and chase after fish or play other games about sharks. As in real life, sharks are not found as the most friendly fish, online games are no exception and most are shark attack games. These sharks are hungry, angry, and looking for prey! If you want to play some other ocean-themed games, we have a lot of fun fish games, where you can play with all kinds of fish, not only sharks. However, in the fish world sharks are not the only threat - check out our free fishing games and test your skills in fishing!

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