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Let's get musical with piano games! With only 7 notes you can create any song you wish to play, so the opportunities are endless! Our collection of free piano games is the perfect place to learn a couple of melodies.

What are piano games?

Piano games are part of our free music games, as piano games are all about creating or playing music on a piano. You might see some other types of games with pianos, but most commonly the goal of piano games is to learn how to play some beginner songs, where the game shows which piano keys to push. In some piano games, you can also freely push the keys to create your own melodies or just jam with a piano. Overall, piano games are great games for kids, as the player can learn new skills through simple play. If you want to play some more games where you can build skills, check out our huge selection of skill games.

Piano tile games

Piano tile games are a specific type of piano game, where instead of just playing a regular piano, the player sees a four-tile wide board on the bottom of the game screen. In these piano key games, the player can't just play whichever tile they want - instead the right order of the notes is "falling" from the top of the game screen, and the player must hit the correct key in the correct order. Sounds easy? With time the tiles keep coming faster and faster, making it more difficult! If this sounds too stressful for you, we have our collection of relaxing games to help you unwind.

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