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If you have ever dreamt of being a policeman, try our fun police games for kids and adults! Chase the bad guys in a police car, drive around the town or fight against crime, these games offer it all. 

What are police games?

Police games can be any kind of game where there is some gameplay connected to police officers or police cars. In this category, you can find jigsaw puzzle games, car racing games, memory games, and others, all connected with the police theme. Most of these games are filled with high-speed action, which is also why police games are part of our huge collection of action games. If you liked the police theme, you might also like some other action games like fight or sports games, so check out our fun games for boys.

Police car games

Police games with cars are the most popular type of games in the collection, which is why we have also made a separate category of only police car games. These games are usually about driving a police car in race tracks or in the city. Some are also police chase games, where the player must run away from the police cars chasing after him. If you enjoy racing games, you might also find some other favorites in our wide selection of racing games.

What are the best free online police games?

Check our favorite police games!

  • Imagine yourself in the role of a policeman and defeat all the zombies - MrCop Master

  • Drive a police car through amazing race tracks and make breathtaking stunts - Police Driver

  • Police cars are chasing after you! Avoid obstacles and try not to crush while you are on the run - Police Car Town Chase

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