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Play the most entertaining army games online

Call for your best soldiers and join a fierce battle! Become the leader of an army in these amazing army simulator games. Fight in airplanes, tanks, or with other weapons, just make sure to lead your team to victory!

What are army games?

Army games are part of our huge collection of action games, as army games are all about active combat! Usually, in the games, you must lead your troops in a battle against the opposition and win the fight. Defeating the opposing team often requires strategic thinking and great intuition, so prepare for an intense battle! If you are into army strategy games, you might also like our selection of war games. However, if you want to play other similar games, check out our cool games for boys.

Army tank games

The military uses many different weapons in war battles, and one of the biggest ones is the tank. A tank is a big battle machine that can overcome difficult terrains and fire powerful bullets. As it is part of the army, some of the army games are specifically about fighting the battle using a tank. Drive fast and be precise with your shots to win in these games!

What are the best free army games online?

We recommend trying these amazing army simulator games

  • Drive a powerful tank and shoot the incoming deadly missiles to save your team - Defense of the Tank

  • Fight singlehandedly against a whole army and win the battle - Soldiers Fury

  • Deploy units with spears, swords, and arrows and protect your base from the attackers - Heroes of Myths

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