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Are you dreaming of becoming a police officer? Play our police car games and try out the role of a police driver! These games are suitable for all ages and are easy to play. Police car games are part of our huge collection of amazing car games. We offer not only games about driving cars, but also other genres, so keep on reading to find out more.

What are police car games?

Car games with police are games where police cars are somehow involved in the gameplay. Usually, the player is either being chased by a police car or they are actually driving the police car. There are also some other types of police car games, like puzzle games for example - fit the correct pieces together to make the picture of a police car. If that is exactly what you are looking for, check out Police Cars Jigsaw puzzle game!

Car games police chase 

If you want an adrenaline rush from being chased by a police car, we have games all about being faster and escaping the police! These games are all about being a good driver, speed, and strategic thinking to outsmart the police. We can recommend trying the Police Car Town Chase game.

What are the best online car games police-themed?

There are many types of police car games and we are sure you will find some that interest you! These three are a good starting point: 

  • Choose between 10 police cars to drive around the city and do crazy stunts with! - Police Driver

  • Race with multiple police cars that are after you, collect gems to upgrade your car - Cop Chase

  • Drive around the city and collect coins. Choose between many vehicles, including police cars, ambulances, helicopters, and tractors! - Mini Toy Cars Simulator

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