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Sometimes the silliest games are what bring the most fun and laughter to the player! If you are looking for some easy to play and funny games, this category is exactly where to look for them!

What are toilet games?

Toilet games are any games that are themed around the bathroom - poop games, rushing to the bathroom, or toilet paper games! The games can be of any genre, as the gameplay doesn't really matter for the games in this category, most importantly it has to be about going to the toilet. As the theme might already tell you, these games are usually rather silly. If you are all about humor, check out all of our funny games online. However, if you are up for a challenge, we have a collection of crazy games, where you can find more silly but more difficult games.

What are the best online toilet games?.

  • Can you make it to the toilet before it is too late? Run and jump over platforms and get to the toilet! - Toilet Rush 2

  • Click on the poop as many times as you can and collect more poop. Upgrade your clicker to get even more poop! - Poop Clicker

  • Solve puzzles about getting all of the toilet paper out of different objects - Toilet Paper The Game

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