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Fight for survival in awesome platform games! Explore labyrinths of tall walls, dangerous spikes, and new adventures that are waiting around every corner. Vex games will test your durability and perseverance so jump on in and show what tricks you have got!

What are Vex games?

Vex is a series of fun stickman games, where you are playing as a stickman character. Your goal is to complete all different stages, which are platforms filled with traps, obstacles, moving levers, and even ziplines. Like in all online adventure games, Vex series is about the journey - complete level after level and see how far you and your stickman character can get! You have to be fast and parkour your way over all the obstacles to finally get to the checkpoint. Even though it sounds easy, believe us when we say it is not! You will have to defy gravity and make crazy jumps to make it through - play some of our cool parkour games to get more training. If you are all about fast-paced action, we recommend checking out our free action games that you might enjoy as well!

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