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Only one single click and you might hit a mine and lose the game - this is minesweeper! Play the classic minesweeper games in new game designs and improved features. Put your thinking skills to the test and clear the field without exploding!

What are minesweeper games?

Minesweeper games are classic puzzle games, which origins can be traced all the way back to the 1960s. In this category you can find all minesweeper-like games - some might have different icon designs and maybe some extra features, but they all have the same classic base gameplay. In a minesweeper, you have to reveal a field after field without hitting a mine - the safe fields will be indicated with a number of how many mines are next to them. You must use your thinking skills to figure out which fields are mine-free, as clicking on a mine will make you lose. Play any of these free minesweeper games and test how good your logic skills are! If you want to play similar brain-teasing games, we have a collection of fun thinking games for you to try and also a collection of logic games if you are really up for a challenge!

Microsoft games

Microsoft released one of the first real versions of Minesweeper, which also made it so popular worldwide. Microsoft Minesweeper was part of a game collection that came together with their software, so most people got to know these now-classic games exactly in their Microsoft version. See all of the classic Microsoft games for some nostalgia or check out our collection of free retro games for some more favorites from the previous century. 

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