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Playing domino has never been easier! No need for the real dominoes bricks, now you can play the classic game online and even with other players. Select a game, receive your dominoes and plan out your strategy!

What are dominoes games?

Domino is a classic board game that dates back to the 13th century in China. Like in our other online board games, in online domino games you can play the exact gameplay but on a PC or mobile instead of real life. This makes our dominoes games perfect for seniors, as they can now play the games they know online. If you want to see some other similar games, we have a collection of free games for seniors. We can also recommend our online checkers games, which likewise have quite simple but entertaining gameplay.

How to play dominoes games

The rules are quite simple - each game piece has a number on each end. You must place the pieces on the board by matching the numbers to each other, for example, a domino with 5 and 2 can be placed only to an existing 5 or 2 on the board. Players take turns placing dominoes and the first one to be out of pieces wins! Looking for another challenge? We have lots of fun cards games, including a collection of classic solitaire card games waiting for you to try them!

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