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Immerse yourself in the journey of point and click adventure games! Test your problem-solving skills and intuition, as both will help you to complete the game missions. Ranging from easy to completely hardcore, everyone can find a game to suit their taste!

What are point and click games?

Exactly as the title suggests, in point and click adventure games the player must simply point and click the right spot in order to unlock the next puzzle and proceed in the game. These games usually make you think "outside the box", as the solution is not obvious and requires logical thinking to find it, like in our other logic games. For example, your game character is stuck at the side of a river and needs a way to go over it, so you must find something to get him over. Maybe a branch of a tree, maybe a wooden plank? Point and click to find out! Most commonly in point and click games the player is following along the story of a character, which is also why point and click games are part of our huge adventure games collection.

Escape games

The most common genre of point and click games is about finding an escape. Escape games are very popular in real life, and these games offer the online version of Escape Room activities. To solve escape games, the player must find clues in the game environment and use them in puzzles and find further clues. All the clues together will lead to the end of the game - escaping it! If this sounds like something you would enjoy, we have a whole category dedicated to escape games only.

What are the best point and click games online?

There's a lot of games waiting for you, but these can be a great place to start!

  • Follow the story of Adam and Eve in these point and click adventure games  - Adam and Eve game series

  • Find your way out of mysterious rooms by collecting clues and items to help you escape - Mission Escape Rooms

  • Help the robot Robbie find all the missing parts and save the factory - Robbie

  • Are you up for a real mind-bender? Try solving any of the impossible Trollface quests - Trollface quest game series

Bob the Robber 4 Season 2: Russia
Adam and Eve Go 3
3 Pandas In Japan
Adam and Eve Go 2
Adam and Eve: Go Xmas
Adam and Eve: Crossy River
Adam and Eve 8
Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker
Adam and Eve : Aliens
Adam and Eve : Night
Creepy Basement Escape Episode
Antique Village Escape Episode
Poultry Farm Easter Escape
Thatched Cottage Escape
Mystic Sunset Forest
Abandoned Forest House
Mission Escape Rooms
Pink Bird Rescue
Find the Diwali Gift
Diver Escape
Backyard Escape
Quiet Boy Escape
Rescue the Rabbit
Veterinary Doctor Escape 2
Pensive Girl Escape
8B Elegant Boy Escape
Escape From The Mountain Village
Singing Bird Escape
Fervent Frog Escape
Innocent Octopus Escape
Elated Snail Escape
Funny Cavemen Escape
Chemistry Student Escape
Lovable Halloween Girl Escape
Lovely Ant Escape
Corsair Girl Escape
Farmer Pig Escape
Gleeful Guinea Pig Escape
My Adventure Book 2
Mysterious Forest Escape
Zombie Hunter
Adam and Eve Go
Wildlife Park Escape
Adam and Eve 7
Troll Face Quest: USA 2
Adam and Eve 5 Part 2
Adam and Eve 3
Bob the Robber 4 Season 3: Japan
Wheely 6
Adam and Eve 5 Part 1
Bob the Robber 4
Wheely 4
Adam and Eve 2
Wheely 7
Wheely 5
Snail Bob 7
Wheely 3
Wheely 2
Snail Bob 5
Adam and Eve: Astronaut
Bob the Robber 2
Bob the Robber 3
Wheely 8
Bob the Robber
Snail Bob 6
Snail Bob 8
Adam and Eve 4
Adam and Eve : Love Quest
Adam and Eve
Adam and Eve : Zombies
Adam and Eve : Cut The Ropes
Adam and Eve: Snow
Adam and Eve: Adam the Ghost
Haunted House Hidden Ghost
Adam And Eve Golf
Adam and Eve 6

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