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Wheely is going on adventures and wants you to join! He is kind and loves to explore but needs your help to complete his journey. Move platforms, find useful objects, and solve puzzles to get Wheely further!

What are Wheely games?

Wheely is a fun game series about a car named Wheely. This game series is one of many free point and click games on our website, and the goal of the games is to solve puzzles and get Wheely to where he wants to go. As in all point and click games, that is exactly how Wheely works - the player must simply click or tap to find clues and make Wheely move, meaning no need for a keyboard! If you like the gameplay of Wheely, you will also enjoy Adam and Eve games series.

Wheely game series is also perfect for training your brain, as most of the puzzles will require you to think outside the box and really pay attention to detail. If you are up for a challenge, play our fun thinking games, and see if you can solve all kinds of riddles.

Wheely games online

Follow the story of Wheely and join his adventures! 

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