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Make Your Way to Paradise

You were meant to be together, but in these Adam and Eve games, you start off pretty far away from each other. I mean, everyone knows you ere the ones who started it all, but man, did you have to earn it! That’s what this free online category is all about: working your way through all kinds of tricky puzzle games to make it to the goal. In our case, the goal is love. Adam is trying to make his way to Eve, and he’ll do anything to get to her. Little did he know, that promise will soon be put to the test. We love these games because they test your smarts in so many different ways. As you journey towards your beloved, you have to deal with all kinds of prehistoric dangers, from huge creatures in your path to sheer cliffs and all kinds of environmental hazards. The real question in these Adam and Eve games is not “Can you make it,” but, “Is finding Eve really worth all of this?” Well, the rest of us are alive now, aren’t we?

Wow, This Is Tougher Than I Thought

At first, you begin your journey in these Adam and Eve puzzle games with your head held high, your beard fluttering in the breeze and your heart alight with hopes of finding your betrothed. Within just an hour or two, though, your feet are killing you. You’ve been scared half to death about four times already, and you can’t seem to find a stretch of road that isn’t filled with danger. “I suppose that’s the cost for love,” Adam says, as you trudge forward into the unknown. With each new obstacle, you have to find a creative way to make it to the other side. Sometimes, this means springing a trap, and other times, it means getting that huge creature to look away for just a second so that you can sneak by. Let’s take a closer look at the many Adam and Eve mini games you will come across on your epic journey.


“Man,” thought Adam, “I have no idea who put these here, but they’re sure not doing me any favors.” From massive boulders in your path to heaps of debris and other barriers, you will often come across traps and rubble that you can’t get past without some serious tinkering. One of our favorite features of these Adam and Eve games online free editions is that almost everything on the screen can be interacted with, traps especially. When you come upon a trap, examine it closely. You will have to click on certain areas in the proper order to get that boulder out of the way, to raise the bridge, or whatever else you need to do to keep soldiering on. Sometimes, the solution in these little puzzle games is obvious, but in other cases, you might be stuck there for a whole ten minutes! If that’s how you love to play, we have a whole category of puzzle games just waiting for you.


If you thought traps were tough, try staring into the huge, beady eyes of a prehistoric turtle or even a pterodactyl! You don’t have to worry too much about the creatures that only eat plants, because you can at least feed them and be on your way. The meat eaters, though, are a little trickier to get by. They’re licking their chops and ready to eat you, so you’ll have to distract them or trick them to get by! Just like the traps, you will click things in your surroundings to find a way past each monster. Unlike the traps, though, if you just try to click everything without thinking first, you may end up as lunch! In this category of Adam and Eve, all games include this scary and exciting gameplay element. Good things most of those creatures aren’t alive today, right?

A Long Journey Through Tough Terrain

You know, it would actually be a beautiful journey, if you didn’t have to deal with all of the hazards in your way. When you think about it, these Adam and Eve games for preschoolers took place long, long before we had roads, public transportation, or even lawn mowers. Everything is lush, overgrown, and untouched by humankind. We know you’ll be busy working on those fun and challenging puzzle games, but while you’re playing these unblocked Adam and Eve games, we want you to take a minute to focus on the background. They’re a beautifully designed series, and they tell an important part of our history. The best part is, this is everyone’s history, right? Without Adam and Eve, none of us would be here!

Explore More of the Story in the Adam and Eve Games Sequels!

We don’t want to give away the ending of the first Adam and Eve game, but we will at least tell you that there are two more in this category. That’s right, after this one, you’ll come across an interesting plot twist that will send you on another quest altogether. This means more exploring, more terrifying creatures, more traps and plenty of drama in the main storyline. What’s more, there is yet another sequel after that, but don’t worry, we have each Adam and Eve game unblocked and ready to play! Are you ready to relive the most important moment of history for humankind? Who knows, you might even rewrite things to your liking. When you’re craving more funny games, you can head over to our funny games category to keep chuckling your way through multiple levels of fun. Until then, we’ll see you in this Adam and Eve puzzle games category!


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