Number Puzzle Games

A Centuries-Old Tradition Made for Your Screen

They may have the polish and smooth mechanics of modern games, but in fact, these Number Puzzle Games draw on a very, very long tradition shared across the world. Some of the greatest civilizations in history have brought the world number puzzle games for adults and kids that have withstood the test of time. From 17th-century puzzle books by French math expert Claude-Gaspar Bachet to British author Henry Dudeny’s multiple puzzle collections published in the early 1900s, number games have been a steady presence in many cultures the world over. What does this long legacy tell us about ourselves as people and as gamers? Well, it appears that we will never get tired of playing with numbers, first of all. The fact that number puzzle searches, crosswords, and other games have been successful for so long also tells us that number games are here to stay.  

These Number Puzzle Games Will Test Your Mental Mettle

As a way of both celebrating and building upon the gaming community’s fruitful relationship with number games, we’ve stocked this category absolutely to the brim with all kinds of tricky puzzles. Once inside, your brain will be challenged (and entertained) in ways you didn’t even know possible. It’s not just about addition and subtraction problems, mind you. These games have quirky and compelling characters, plots, and visually attractive puzzles that will make you forget you’re learning. You’ll be using numbers to make it across dangerous terrain, beat up the bad guys, and even create beautiful works of art. Don’t think of it as learning, think of it as having fun with an extra benefit. Trust us, there are plenty of ways to have fun inside!

Numbers Are Their Own Language

To give you a little taste of just how amazing and diverse these number games are, let’s go over some of the coolest and most popular game formats. First and foremost, who doesn’t love a nice trivia bowl? This is number madness at its truest form – no frills. Simply answer one question after the other, only using hints if you absolutely must. Or, if you prefer to have a little more action and adventure, why not use numbers to fight battles, escape certain doom, or explore new areas? Finally, there’s always room to work number puzzles into more creative games for those with an artistic flare. However it is that you want to express yourself and have fun using numbers, we’ve got you covered.

There’s More Than One Way to Puzzle

While it’s true that numbers go on for infinity, an idea of dizzying potential for game lovers, that doesn’t mean you won’t want to switch it up every once in a while. When you’re ready for more variety that still includes plenty of numerical nuttiness, check out our math-based games category. Ready to ditch the digits altogether for a little while? There’s no shame in that, especially if you keep the gears turning upstairs with this thinking game category. Numbers, letters, pictures, or a bit of all three – however you want to challenge yourself, our number puzzle games category is just the beginning.  

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