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Bob the Robber is going on a mission and you must help him succeed. Pick locks, avoid security cameras and angry guards, all for the sake of getting the treasures hidden in each location! Start with the first game and play your way through all of Bob's crusades.

What are Bob the Robber games?

Bob The Robber is a game series that consists of multiple online games with the same character and gameplay. Through all of the games, the player can follow the story of Bob, a passionate robber who simply wants to make the world a better place. As in all adventure games, the character brings you along in his adventure! 

The first Bob The Robber game was released in 2010 and since then the series has gained thousands of fans all around the world. The games are loved for many reasons, but one of the greatest features is the fun puzzle-like gameplay with easy game controls, which makes these games part of our point-and-click games.

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