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Do You Even Shred, Bro?

True skaters know, they’re not “just skateboard games.” Skating is a way of life. Life on four wheels is the choice to go big, have fun, and never hold back. That’s the true skater’s spirit, which we’ve made sure to keep alive and well in this free online skateboarding games category. It’s not about trying to be perfect or following the rules. True shredding is about expressing yourself and pushing it to the limit. No matter how many times you wipe out, and how many mouthfuls of pavement you endure, a real shredder gets back on that board every time. Thankfully, since these skateboard games are completely online, you won’t be doing a lot of “pavement eating.” You will, however, have a ton of fun. Ready to drop in and show off a bit? We’re dying to see your skills!

Show Us Your Skateboarding Style

As true fans of all things skateboarding, we wanted to make sure that this category of completely free skateboard games captures everything that we love about the sport. What, you didn’t think it was all just the same, did you? If you aren’t in the know, we’ll be the first to tell you – not all skateboarding games are created equal. Some feature vert ramps and stunt-heavy gameplay, for example, while others are more about speed and getting to the finish line first. Some skaters specialize in grinding rails and cool kickflips, while others prefer to fly through the air like a rocket. The best skaters, of course, can do it all. We want you to have the chance to grab a board and master vert, street, and racing styles, so why not put it all in there for you! Let’s start with the speed component – we know how impatient you speed demons are.


Ever passed up a car while on a skateboard? Even better, have you ever ollied all the way over a car as you shoot off the top of a ramp? In many of the skateboard games in this category, you can do just that. Speeding downhill on a skateboard at 50+ miles per hour requires lightning-fast reflexes, guts, and plenty of style. Some of these games require you to scoop up special tokens and bonuses while you tear through the course at breakneck speed. In other cases, you will have to whip in and out of traffic or jump over fire hydrants (and even people)! Can you imagine worrying about having to do stunts at the same time? Some of the best skateboarders in the world can’t even do that, but in these cool skateboard games, you just might have to pull it off.

Awesome Tricks

On the opposite end of the skateboard shredding spectrum from speed is style. Everybody loves to watch cool stunts, and if you can master each trick, you’ll surely earn a ton of points and bonuses! A word to the wise, though: make sure you practice your best tricks before you try them out in a competition. We would hate for you to wipe out in front of everybody and lose all those points. Still, in skateboard games online and in real life skateboarding, wiping out while doing a trick is part of the whole experience. What are some of our favorite tricks, you ask? Well, if you’re just getting started, you’ll probably want to learn the kickflip, rail grind and tail grab. As you really begin to grow your skills, though you should go for a super sweet 900 or even a 1080! Only a couple skaters have landed that one.

A Bit of Both

In some of our favorite games with skateboard legends, we have to use both speed and style to make it through each level. This requires a ton of skill, perfect timing, lots of guts and, most of all, a will to never give up. Picture it: you’re shredding through the city streets at lightning speed, and you can’t waste a single second if you want to beat the level. You have to dodge cars, people and obstacles. At the same time, you have to collect tokens and powerups for points. And still, on top of that, you have to pull of awesome stunts for even more points and time off the clock! Some people say skateboarders are bums, but that sounds like a whole lot of work to us, don’t you agree?

Wheels or Not, We’ve Got It

Just because skateboarding is in your blood, doesn’t mean that other sports aren’t. We want to give every kind of athlete a chance to show off, which is why we’ve created the ultimate sports category page to help competitive types do just that. Not ready to ditch the wheels quite yet, are you? If you want to go even faster, then check out these sick dirtbike games too! However you want to show off, whether it’s stickman skateboarding games or sports, we’ve got your back – have fun in there.  

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