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Water is all around us - in the rain as small droplets or in huge oceans. In these water games, you can explore water as an element and play with it instead! If you love water, you might also like games about frozen water in our collection of online ice games.

What are water games?

Water games are all the games where you can play with water as an element, and where water is part of the gameplay. In this category, you will find fun puzzle games, where you have to solve a track to get water into a glass, or platform games where you can play as a water character and complete increasingly more difficult game levels. These are great games for coffee breaks as they are easy to play and level-based, which means you can return to continue where you left off. If you want to enjoy some other easy-to-play games, check out our selection of free relaxing games.

Fireboy and Watergirl games

One of the most beloved games in this category is the Fireboy and Watergrl game series. In these entertaining two-player games, you can play with a friend using the same computer. You can choose to play as a fire or water character, and you must work together as a team to complete the levels, as each character has unique abilities. This game series will test your skills, cleverness, and creativity!

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