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Are you ready to be spooked? These games will be perfect for a creepy Halloween game night, like all of our free Halloween games. In this category, we have prepared some of the scariest online horror games there are and we dare you to give them a go! Do you have what it takes to complete the game?

What are online horror games?

Horror games are creepy and scary-themed adventure games, where players can not only enjoy completing the mission of the game but also go through a hair-raising experience while doing so! Online horror games can be of different genres, but the most common types include escape mission games, as well as survival games. If you enjoy the spooky games, we can also recommend checking out our free scary games and our collection of games with ghosts.

Escape horror games

As the name already says, these games are about escaping a place full of horror - there could be someone chasing after you! To escape these dark horror games, you must solve different puzzles and mysteries to find clues and ways to escape in order to survive! If this sounds like something for you, we also have a special category dedicated to online escape games.

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