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What Fickle and Curious Beings Are We!

Whether it’s the haunting allure of endless space, the darkest depths of the sea, or even the untapped potential of the human mind, Mystery Games have always been our obsession – we just didn’t realize it. Human beings are fascinated by what we don’t understand. More specifically, we’re fascinated by what we could accomplish if we knew all the secrets that hide in the dark from us. That’s why the last twenty minutes of a murder mystery movie are so satisfying, and that’s the same feeling we have worked to capture with this free mystery games category! But a word of warning for you would-be detectives out there: when you go poking around in the dark for answers, you may not like what you find. A great online mystery games player is prepared for the best and the worst. That said, let’s take a look!

Multiple Mystery Genres Means Multiple Mystery Games

Just because some of the best cross-cultural hits in movies and literature were murder mysteries, doesn’t mean that there aren’t other really exciting ways to challenge human curiosity. Of course, murder mystery games online are some of our favorites, but any situation with a clouded outcome can trigger that same rush of anticipation. Going on a long and winding adventure, for example, contains exciting elements of mystery. So does working your way through a puzzle that changes as you play! Even better, there’s the never-ending search for precious artifacts and secrets that have been lost to history. Mystery is so much more than we give it credit for, and it’s just waiting in this free mystery games category to be enjoyed.

A Grisly Murder

Alright, of course we’re going to start with the most intense, exciting, and fright-inspiring type of mystery game that there is: the murder mystery. You probably know all about this kind of story, but if you don’t, here’s the general format. Someone has been killed, and it’s up to you to get to the bottom of it! In some cases, you play through these murder mystery games as a cunning detective with nothing to lose. In other cases, you take more of a revenge story arc as you seek out the person who did this to the poor victim and make them pay dearly. Or, in other scenarios, you just may have had something to do with the wrongdoing…Hey, we never said that you were a good guy every single time! That’s the perfect example of a plot twist right there – you never saw it coming. And that’s what makes mysteries so amazing.

A Thrilling Adventure

Now that we got the blood and gore out of the way, let’s throw a bone to the explorers out there. There’s just something so life-affirming and fun about packing a bag, leaving your house, and charging forward into the unknown with absolutely no destination in mind. Or, in other cases, you may be on an epic quest to foil a mysterious evildoer. Possibly the most mysterious of mystery adventure games is that of the hidden mystery game. You’re searching for something – a precious artifact, a legendary warrior, or even something supernatural. You know that you could be attacked at any moment by people who don’t want you to find it, yet still, you carry on.

Secrets and Puzzles

Now, drama and mystery are usually woven together beautifully like peanut butter and jelly, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take a break from each other. What we mean is, in a lot of these mystery puzzle games, you’re not worried about people dying or earth-shattering secrets. You’re just trying to work your way through a tricky puzzle, and man, it can be really hard sometimes! A great mystery puzzle game doesn’t hold your hand. It just drops you right in the middle of the action and let’s you figure out the rest. That’s where the mystery part comes from! Well, that and dealing with surprise complications, of course. You never know what’s going to happen in these mystery puzzle games, and that’s exactly the point.

Point and Click

Ah yes, what grassroots gamer doesn’t love a good point and click? If this genre is done right, then every game within it is a mystery. What we mean by that is, even if the plot of the game isn’t about some epic murder mystery or a hidden artifact, you are still constantly asking yourself, “Hey, what’s that over there? What does that thing do? If I click here, will I go here?” See what we mean? It’s the mechanics of the point and click mystery games themselves, not just the story, that make it so mysterious, fun, and inviting. We wish we could tell you that you shouldn’t be afraid, and that you can just click on stuff willy-nilly without ever getting hurt, but that’s just not true. Consider it a free hint, detective.  

Need More Immersion?  

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the best mystery games aren’t out there aren’t about nonstop action, flashy graphics, or other kinds of gimmicks. It’s all about the way that the story grips your curiosity and makes your mind go to faraway places. It’s about the thrill of not knowing what’s going to happen to you, how this is going to end, or even what’s going to happen next. If you want to dive even deeper into your character, you can check out our full selection of RPG games as well. These will allow you to really develop your hero by building their look, skills, gear, and other attributes. What you do with your character can influence what the story feels like, so go all out with it! Whether it’s RPGs or mystery games, that’s the best advice we can give: commit to your role in the story, and you’ll be blown away by the results.

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