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Try the role of a bus driver! The road is yours and the way is not easy - you must steer the huge bus away from obstacles, stop in parking places and make sure not to crash. Take the wheel and let's start playing!

What are bus games?

Bus games are all the games where you can play with a bus - most games will be about driving buses or parking them, where you have to prove your precision skills. If you want to try some more, we have a collection of free parking games. Overall, in bus games you can imagine yourself in the role of a driver, so hop on in and show your skills! When bus games have been mastered, you might switch it up with another vehicle - check out our cool car games and truck games online.

Bus driving games

What is harder than driving a car? Driving a bus of course! Try to be a bus driver in bus simulator games, where you have to steer a bus, avoid hitting corners, or other obstacles and even pick up passengers! Now your career as a driver has just begun, so give a go to our huge selection of driving games, where you can drive cars, bikes, and motorcycles!

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