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Welcome to the Realm of the Unexplained

Every few hundred centuries or so, a generation of powerful beings, both good and evil, clash against each other in epic battles now captured in these online magic games. Even the quickest and strongest of warriors stands no chance against the mighty dragon, or a crafty wizard, or even a band of stout-hearted trolls. When things take a turn for the supernatural, the only way to defeat your enemy is by wielding stronger magic than them. Modern descendants of these gifted beings, should they choose a life of peace, can use their talents to wow onlookers in magician games. Whether you prefer magic ball games, magical adventure games, or just waving a wand around while you chant spells, we’ve got everything you need to take a break from reality. Just remember before entering this category of magic power games, adventurer, that if you don’t possess the fortitude to control your gifts, then they will control you, which is a direct path to the dark arts…

A New Era of Magic Games Is Here

Credited as the game that started it all in terms of magical rpg games, Dungeons and Dragons was created before we even had the Internet, let alone online multiplayer. Way back in 1974, this classic captivated the hearts and minds of millions of players across the globe. If it weren’t for Dungeons and Dragons, we may not be where we are today in terms of magic games, so it’s only fair to give them their due credit. Speaking of, if you love embarking on a mystical journey filled with tough choices and customizable character development, then check out our rpg games category for hours upon hours of free entertainment. If you simply can’t get enough of those huge, scaly, fire-breathing monsters from ancient lore, then we even have an entire category dedicated to dragon games. The magic games world is in a great place right now, combining all the themes from classics like D&D and throwing in more modern gameplay, graphics, and multiplayer features. Check out our magic games category and see for yourself, brave adventurer!

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